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September 5 2013 5 05 /09 /September /2013 10:32
 Are you looking for some guides on selecting good clip in hair extensions? Do not worry! Many girls are focusing on the issue, so you are not alone. The post is to share some useful tips on how to select good clip in extensions. 

It is called usw150, and called the best selled product. Ombre clip in hair usw150 is a very popular option for girls.

 First of all, the products should be made of human hair, also called real hair, nor synthetic hair. Human hair has the features of shinning, life and nature. So it will go well with your own hair. 

 Second of all, select hair colors or styles based on your own hair. if your hair is black, then select a black one, or at lease a dark one. If your hair style is curly, then select a curly hair product; wavy and then select a wavy one. In the way, the overall look will be natural, harmony and fashionable. 

 wavy ombre 152 
 For ombre hair selecting, you only need to consider the top color of the ombre ones to be the same as yours. The rest of it colors are choosed according to your favorite colors, and the ombre overall looks. If you prefer human hair extensions, her line does carry some styles made from the more expensive human hair. The color choices are slightly different for both lines, so do your research before buying. When it comes to color choices, there are colors like: black, dark brown, chocolate copper, chestnut, chestnut brown, dark copper, light reddish brown, medium auburn, strawberry blonde, buttered toast, golden blonde, golden wheat, ginger blonde, light golden blonde and palest blonde. Picking the right color to match your natural hair is the most important thing to consider when wearing extensions. You've got to choose a color that matches your own hair the closest. If you have dyed your hair, then choose according to your current color. 

 The things should be considered when applying it as follows: Your extensions should be removed every night before you go to bed to keep them in their best condition, and they will last for a long time if cared for properly. You can treat your extensions the same way as you do your natural hair and wash them with your favorite shampoo in the sink or a bowl and left to dry naturally, or carefully blown dry. It is not recommended to wash the extensions while you are wearing them. 

Blog vpfashion is a site you can refer to when it comes to human hair extensions.

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