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August 26 2013 2 26 /08 /August /2013 09:37

On internet business world, there are many kinds of hair extensions online: clip in hair extensions, tape hair extension, glueness hair extensions, hair weaves, and so on.

When it comes to choosing hair extensions, there are different types of hair extensions from which an individual can make a selection. Hair extensions are basically classified according to the nature of hair used in making the extension and the attachment technique. The following is an overview of the different types of hair extensions in existence. Depending on the material used in making the hair extension, there are two types of hair extensions. Keep reading to learn more about the most common types of hair extensions.

Natural human hair extensions at blog vpfashion are with the best quality, the best hair quality, so human hair clip in hair extensiosn come to be the best choices for girls.

Woman washing hair with shampoo
Clip-on extensions are perhaps the most basic from of hair extensions. Clip-on extensions basically incorporate a hair weft with a clip on one end. As a norm, each weft of hair averages eight strands of hair with each strand having a diameter of 2 to 8 inches.

The hair has to be first sectioned before the clip-on extension is fixed. Clip-ons incorporate an aspect of versatility as they can be easily put on and removed. However, these type of hair extensions must be removed before sleeping.

Hair Weaves

Weaving many be the most traditional way of applying clip in hair extensions. This method is about an individual's natural hair is first braided tightly after which the extension is sewn into the braided hair.

Weaving is perhaps the oldest technique when it come to fixing hair extensions. When using this method, an individual's natural hair is first braided tightly after which the extension is sewn into the braided hair.

Glueness Extensions

Glueness extensions are a type with glueness. Glueness extensions are with good hiden nature. Howeverm the disadtantage of it is that they may have bad influence on girls with sensitive skin, so be careful with it when applying it.

blog.vpfashion.com offers some of them,  take your time to have a look at it, you may find some you like.


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