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September 10 2013 3 10 /09 /September /2013 10:21
There are a vast amount of hair extensions in the market catering for girls needs. And i am aware of it when i was told that i can use hair extension. And then i start to notice them.
I choose one to use, and then i collect several tips on how to use clip in hair extension in the best way.
By the way, the item is purchased from a site call vpfashion blog.
1. Quality. Quality should come to your first considerations.  Quality depends on the material it is made of.
Remy hair is the best quality for hair extensions, better than human hair. Most celebrities and famouse people people choose remy hair. Synthetic hair has poor quality, because it is made of not real hair, but chemical stuff. It may have a beautiful look at first try, but it can not be used for a second time, and it does not look natural when looking at it.
2. Thicknees. Hair extensions are purcashed to add volume to your hair, and to lengthen your hair. So, density should come to your considerations too. The larger its density is, the better its quality. After  putting it, your hair will look more thick.
3. Styles: the item style you choose depends on your own hair styles. If your style is curly, then choose curly styles, while, your hair is straight, choose straight one. In the way, it will look very balanced.
4. Color matching: the extension color should go well with your own hair color. For example, your hair is  brown, you'better choose a brown hair at the top and other colors at the bottom, or brown color only.
 in the case, you will look very natural. Natural look is very important.
 Color is especially important when you choose ombre hair extensions:
5. Benefits. Clip ins can be fitted at your leisure in your own home, no expensive salons, no maintenance, no  hours of tedious fitting! You can style clip on human hair extensions exceptionally well for different
6. Points to look out for. Ensure that the clips are a good, strong quality or they may well snap, especially if the hair extensions are heavy and thick. Go for clips that are the same or as near as your own hair color so that they are nearly invisible. Take them out at bedtime if you can as this reduces tangles.
Clip in hair extensions can last for as long as a year depending on how they are looked after and worn.
That is what i think important for clip in hair items.
24 inch long hair extensions will make your hair very long, so that you can make many hair styles with it.

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