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October 31 2013 5 31 /10 /October /2013 08:24
Fall is just in front of your faces, and it is exciting to be able to wear boots, cozy sweaters, and revamp our hairstyles. Of course! Fall is a perfect time to deal with color and play around with length. This year, short hairstyles and long hairstyles have been in a trend. In the following, there is a collection of short hairstyles and long hairstyles for fall.
long straight hairstyle
Braided Hair stylesWhen whether is hot, braids is a choice for you to try. However, braids will still make someone feel hot. How about a french braid? A french braid is able to add a unique touch to your whole look.

How to Style a Braided Hairstyle
1. Firstly, start with dry hair to create a side part. 
2. section off the crown area and the side of the part.
3. On the side opposite of your part, start a 3-strand French braid.
4. Continue braid around side and down towards nape of neck.
5. Secure braid with a hair elastic and bobby pins.
6. Release sectioned off section.
7. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl hair away from face.
8. Gently break up curls with fingers and mist with a flexible hold hairspray.

The Collar Bone-Grazing BOBThe modern bob is able to highlights your collar bone.The styling process
1. start with damp hair, work a small amount of cream into the mid-lenghts and ends.
2. Blow dry hair with fingers, twisting samll sections of hair as it dries.
3. Once hair is dry, curl hair vertically using a curling wand.
4. Take fringe section, wrap around curling wand. Allow to cool.
5. Apply a small amount of texturing cream in palms and gently run through ends.
6. Mist hair with hairspray.

The Classic BlowoutThe classic blowout is always a stylish option. It is shining, perfect for any event.
Braided BUNBraided bun is a frensh and modern hairstyle. 

1. Dry hair is the best option, gently backcomb the top and crown area.
2. Pull hair into a sleek ponytail.
3. Where the ponytail sits, pull a small section of hair out of the ponytail. Secure the   rest of hair in an elastic.
4. With the section left out, create a 3-strand braid and secure with an elastic.
5. With the ponytail, create a sock bun.
6. Wrap braided section around sock bun and secure with a bobby pin.
7. Mist style with hairspray.

Hairstyles above are very popular options for fall. Is there any one of those hairstyles suitable for you.You may be very confused to see that your hair is too short for those hairstyles above. Hair extensions are able to add volume and lengths. With hair extensions help, short hair can be long hair, and then long hair can be made into other hairstyles above. 

So if you want to try popular fall hairstyles, and at the same time you do not plan to spend too much money for them, come to try cheap hair extensions: 16inches hair extensions, 18inches hair extensions, and even longer hair extensions, and other hair styles: wavy hair extensions, straight hair extensions, curly hair extensions. All you want is here.

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